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Your Blog is unique, don't settle for a default Blog

Blogging is such an interesting phenomenon. People who might otherwise not be inclined to write for public consumption decided to go out, sign up for a blogging service such as Wordpress or Blogger, and started putting pen to paper (digitally of course). They started writing about every conceivable topic under the sun, spending hours crafting each individual blog post, dedicating themselves to keeping their blog active and interesting, even if they themselves were their blog's only reader.

Were it not for search engines, social media sites, and link-sharing portals many of these gems would have been left untouched and un-found. Thankfully, due to sites such as Stumbleupon and many others, you can stumble upon incredible articles. But when you do stumble upon a great article, more often than not that site is using one of the pre-selected default layouts and designs that came with the blog.

How can an author that puts that much time and effort into their work short-change their labor of love by wrapping it in rags and a brown paper bag? How can they not put a bit more time and effort into cultivating the blog and enabling it to grow?

We're assuming that this short-changing is due to the fact that most people who start blogs don't have the technical know-how to update the look of their site or believe that they're unable to implement the changes without spending lots of money. And, seeing as how you can set up a blog for free using services such as Blogger and Wordpress, updating the website this way would be one of the first investments of money to go along with your time.

Over the next few weeks we're going to run a series of articles on how you can have a truly customizable blog using a combination of free services that will extend your blog to new heights. So stay tuned or sign up using the email form below so you can receive the articles by email. At the end of the series we'll summarize and provide you with links to some of our favorite resources for bedazzling your shiny new blog.

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