Confluent Forms LLC, located in Easthampton MA, is a boutique branding, graphic design, web design, web development, Blogger development, and PHP/MySQL application development firm providing services to customers from the Fortune 100 to local non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Serving Western Massachusetts and beyond.


We offer the following services:

Project Facilitation Services

Systems Analysis

Systems may develop in an ad-hoc manner, have a lifespan so long that nobody remembers the actual underlying technologies, or, worse, be placed by vendors with no supporting information. If your organization has questions about its own technology we are able to provide the exploratory and documentary services necessary for the understanding of organizational technical infrastructure.

RFP Process Management

We run a large public RFP exchange: The RFPDB, as a result, we have been involved in the management of the RFP process for some of our customers. This entails documenting existing systems (if applicable), scoping the work to be performed, writing and releasing the RFP, working with the customer to review the resultant proposals, interviewing the finalists, making recommendations, a technical analysis of the statement of work/contract and contract negotiations. This is an excellent service for organizations looking to start a project but unsure how to get the process moving along properly.

Technical Facilitation

Conflicts arise in technical projects because of an imbalance of knowledge between the vendor(s) and their customer. We provide a project facilitation service where we act as an informed and impartial third party offering assessment, advice and review. In this role we seek to ease the flow of information and understanding between the stakeholders in the project. At the same time, we work to be impartial, and represent the best interests of the project not any specific stakeholder.

Technical Mediation

Conflicts of design, implementation, use and personality are commonplace in areas of technology. Technical issues are often seen as absolutely right or absolutely wrong with little room in-between. These sorts of impasses stall projects, disrupt teams and act as a significant contributor to project failure. Management is put in the position of arbitrator, asked to make choices they may not fully understand or feel comfortable making. Worse, in making these choices, risk losing one or more of the parties as meaningful contributors. Bringing in a trained mediator with a history of technical implementation expertise as a third-party neutral may be a better solution. This allows the groups to discuss the issues facilitated by someone who understands "their language", who is able at the same time has the mediation techniques to help the parties reach mutual compromise. Mediations often prove faster and less costly than allowing these impasses to fester in the project environment.

Virtual CTO

Our vCTO service is the longer and more comprehensive engagement of our full project facilitation services. Many small organizations lack the technical knowledge to develop a technical strategy nor oversee the fulfillment of that plan. Technology, while a necessary part of their day to day work, is something they have no experience in managing, or desire. We work with (or as) your project manager as a representative of the company overseeing all aspects of the project's implementation and impact. All of our other services come into play in a holistic approach towards project success.

Implementation Services

Our project facilitation services are the natural extension of our long history of successful implementation services. We have been able to serve our customers from complete management of an their online presence to surgical application of our expertise to facilitate a project's success. These are some of the implementation services and strategy we are able to provide:

Web Site Design and Development

Your website is often your primary method of communicating with your customers and potential customers, not a “vanity” piece of secondary marketing.. The websites that we design and develop with our clients are done with strategic considerations, built upon a goal-oriented user experience that aims to convert your visitors into your clients. It is not enough that they’re beautiful; they need to be functional and achieve a Return on Investment (ROI).

Web Application Development

Not all websites and web-based applications can be adequately achieved using available Open Source software packages and modules. When existing software is not the right fit, our custom application development services may be used to perfectly tailor existing software to meet your needs. Alternatively our custom software services are able to develop your unique idea from your exact specifications, designed for you, built for you, and architected to grow with you into the foreseeable future.

Branding, Logo Design, and Print Design

We partner with an award-winning designer, John Turner of BoyBurnsBarn LLC, to provide comprehensive design and development services that look at the whole strategy, from Brand Logo to Web Site, as a consistent project, not an afterthought.

Strategy Development

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools analysis

There are tools available to you to help measure the success of your website, including Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Understanding the information found in their reporting, and turning that data into useful strategies for improvement, can be a highly productive endeavor and our experience delving into the numbers will help you increase your Return on Investment.

Content Strategy Development

Today’s Internet revolves around Content. In order to become relevant, and stay relevant, with your fans, customers, and the search engines, you need to employ a content strategy that gets spidered, links, shares, +1s, likes, Tweets, pins, and more. Determining the best approach without wasting lots of time and effort, while getting the best amplification of your content, is what we’ll assist you with.

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