Confluent Forms LLC, located in Easthampton MA, is a boutique branding, graphic design, web design, web development, Blogger development, and PHP/MySQL application development firm providing services to customers from the Fortune 100 to local non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Serving Western Massachusetts and beyond.

Mobile SEO Services

Mobile is First Touch for Customers

Over half of all Google Search queries are made on a mobile device, and ~20% of all mobile searches are made via a Voice command. If you're not thinking Mobile, and Mobile Search specifically, you're missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Google research links include:

Google’s mobile algorithm update lowers rankings in mobile search results for websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, but additionally, since the Search Engine is not your customer, if you're not optimizing for mobile, there's a greater likelihood that your website's conversion rate is dropping. You need to optimize for the Intent of the visitor, while quickly funneling them towards a successful goal for them and your business. You need to develop a semantic search strategy that broadens the search engine's understanding of your content to capitalize on more "spoken word" queries as you understand your Audiences.

How Our Services Can Help

Confluent Forms focuses on digital marketing best practices and translates them towards a mobile-first world. It goes beyond simply making websites "mobile-friendly" or "mobile-first". Instead, our mobile SEO services begin with the basics of a digital marketing strategy in order to increase goal conversions, rankings, and traffic:

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