Confluent Forms LLC, located in Easthampton MA, is a boutique branding, graphic design, web design, web development, Blogger development, and PHP/MySQL application development firm providing services to customers from the Fortune 100 to local non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Serving Western Massachusetts and beyond.


We are firm believers in a Return on Investment-based approach to your website and software platforms. We want every dollar that you spend to go towards enacting and fulfilling a strategy that positions your business better than it is today, expanding your reach, augmenting your sales, and increasing your profit margin. This can translate into improving how your site captures visitors, redesigning your website to showcase your work/product, setting up social media sharing strategies and search engine profiles, or even building custom web-based software products for you.

It all starts with a phone call: 413-282-8742

We've worked with all types of businesses to improve their operations, both online and offline. Sometimes the first project we conduct with a new client is a simple fixed budget consulting project, the purpose of which is to fully take stock of what the company is doing well, doing poorly, and develop strategies to improve in a way that's within the business's budget. This is done based on the goals that the company develops with us, and typically in a way where metrics can be used to measure the project's success.

Some of the things we do:

  • Evaluate your goals and goal completion rates
  • Review your Google Analytics reporting
  • Review your Google Webmaster Tools
  • Evaluate your site for common SEO 
  • Compare your company and online presence to your major competitors
  • Review your content and editorial calendar

Don't be intimidated, we're friendly folks, and we don't try to sell/upsell/oversell you. We want every dollar that you spend with us to be well-spent.

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