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Getting started with Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

A request for proposal, or RFP, is an invitation sent to a supplier of goods or services requesting a proposal to fulfill a stated need for the issuer. RFPs are a competitive bid process enabling the issuer to engage multiple companies with the purpose of both finding the best provider for the request. Factors in this selection often involve location of the vendor to the issuer, pricing, ability to deliver, past performance, timeliness, and any other factors that the issuer deems important towards the goal of receiving the product or service that they need.

Our company, Confluent Forms LLC, created the RFP Database (RFPdb) to fill a need that we saw in that 1) great RFPs were often issued by organizations without a good way of publicizing those projects, 2) there wasn't any 1 place you could go to to find lots of RFPs to bid on without paying exorbitant fees, commissions and commitments, and 3) because you didn't have a lot of RFPs to choose from you often found yourself chasing projects that weren't ideal fits for your company, hence spending lots of time and effort on losing proposals. As a boutique branding, graphic design, web design and custom software development firm, we also find ourselves writing proposals to RFPs that are ideal fits for us, and we learn from every project that we pursue.

Below you will find a listing of articles that we've written on the subjects of RFPs, proposals, the RFP process, RFP strategy, best practices in requests for proposals, and procurement. In addition to these articles we'd also like to invite you to join our LinkedIn group that focuses on these same topics and often contains lively discussions. If you have any questions about RFPs, including how to write a RFP and run a RFP process for your organization, please feel free to contact us!

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