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Portfolio: Pinch Gallery

Pinch is a vibrant, eclectic artisan gallery in Northampton, MA with a focus on art for the home and art to wear. Originally founded in 1979 by three potters, Pinch has a long history as a showcase for well-known and emerging ceramic artists. Jena Sujat, who purchased Pinch in 2006, brings her eye for the interesting, unique and beautiful to Pinch's tradition for showing handmade work. With new ceramics, jewelry, home decor and accessories arriving each week, Pinch is always changing and always fresh.

A 'not provided' tip from your Analytics

If you're like us, you check your Analytics a few times a week, analyzing the charts and numbers looking for trends and areas for improvement. If you've ever gone to the Organic Keywords section of your Analytics to see the terms that people used to find your site, you might have noticed that one of the top "search terms" in the list is "(not provided)". And if you're like us it's possible that "(not provided)" in your key words accounts for 30% to 50% or more of your search visits.

Why is this?

Enhance your Site's Content with Schema and Microformats

It is time to become aware of the place microformats have in your site structure.

Microformats are attributes present in the markup of your pages that grant an explicit deceleration (eg "this is a Blog Post") as to the role of the content present in the document. As their use increases, those sites without the additional information accuracy gained though microformatting may find themselves falling behind in search results and clickthroughs.

A small time investment adding microformatting to your website content may yield large returns to your site and its content strategy.

The 5 reasons your business should be on G+

We know, you've probably heard that Google Plus is a ghost town. That nobody uses it. That's nonsense, but we understand that's the perception.

But that is no reason for your company to ignore G+, and not a reason to leave G+ out of your social media marketing and content strategy. In fact, we're here to give you 5 big reasons why it should be a prominent part, if not a primary part, of your social media marketing and content strategy.

A new year, a better strategy

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions; why make big promises to yourself on just New Year's Eve when you could and should be doing them year-round? The same goes for business; if you know you're doing something wrong, or half-right, you should always be revisiting and revising your strategy.