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Using Blogger and creating gorgeous websites

by on November 28, 2012
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What do all of the websites below have in common? They're all gorgeous, functional, easy to maintain, and happen to use Google's Blogger (Blogspot) as their Content Management System (CMS). They were all developed by our firm.

They all include free website hosting, and using Google Apps, free business email as well. For restaurant websites this means including gift certificate purchasing ability (Paypal, Google Merchant, or other) as well as Open Table. For the small stores, this means matching established branding for their main site and e-commerce site (using Big Cartel, Big Commerce, or other).

As a thrifty small business solution a website on Blogger can save time, money, and headaches.  Please visit the sites below and let us know what you think!

Juniper and Ivy, San Diego CA

Concentrics Restaurants, Atlanta GA

Prato, Winter Park FL

Sutter Meats, Northampton MA

Artkraft Taxidermy, Hollywood CA

Pioneer Valley Ballet, Easthampton MA

Pinch Gallery, Northampton MA
Now redesigned!
Pinch Gallery, Northampton MA

Trail Rail, Easthampton MA

Rebekah Brooks, Northampton MA

Renew Pilates, Easthampton MA

Luma on Park, Winter Park FL

The Spence, Atlanta GA

Chef Richard Blais

Need more convincing? Read our featured articles "You can do some amazing things with Blogger" and "Using Blogger for your Organization's website", both featured on official Google blogs.

If you've got some time, and would like to hear my voice and see my face, give this Google+ Hangout on Air a viewing for some straight talk about Blogger, Wordpress, and choosing the right platform for you.

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  1. awesome ! a much much better design than a google site...

    1. Julien, Blogger IS a Google site.

    2. Stephen, I don't know this for sure, but Julien may be reffering to SITES vs BLOGGER.
      Blogger and Google sites are two different things. and Blogger, with I'm sure you're familiar with.
      That doesn't take away from the fact that these guys are making great looking Blogger sites though!

  2. These blogs look so professional, it is amazing.

  3. Thanks for this post... I just decided to stick with my current Blogger site, and work on tweaking things up... ( as opposed to switching to say.... wordpress)

  4. I just realized what kind of company this is ... and I'm so keeping you in my books for when I have enough money to revamp my blog-website!

  5. I second that! Wish I could do this! I know html and some css, but not a developer, more ceo, web, cms.. cry...

  6. it's a good idea to saving hosting budget

  7. You have mentioned that it was built on blogger then how come the URLs wer of .com type? Puzzled..

  8. You can add a custom domain to any site on Blogger, all it costs is the cost of the domain being purchased. (~$10/yr)

  9. i have seen giants making a sub domain and running it on blogger so and creating it just creative and gorgeous as there main domain site and earning traffic on the both.

  10. I dont get it. You said all are using blogger. But I just open 1 site ( and it is using wordpress.

    1. My apologies, we did the J&I initial website 7 years ago and I last updated this blog post 5 years ago.

      So here are some more recent examples:

  11. It is amazing. These blogs look so professional.