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Portfolio: Science News Magazine

by on August 24, 2012
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The homepage of Science News Magazine

Science News Magazine is an award-winning biweekly news magazine covers important and emerging research in all fields of science that has been published since 1922. The journal reaches nearly 130,000 subscribers and more than one million readers.

We began working with Science News in 2008 with the project being a complete overhaul of their website design and online publishing system. Their existing system was unable to handle the strain of their web traffic, causing crashes nearly every day. Our goal was to create a custom, easy-to-use publishing system that fit their exacting needs, while providing stability for their platform regardless of the traffic. The site features a minimalist design and extensive information architecture services were dedicated towards increasing their unique visitor, repeat visitors, and length of visitor sessions.

An extensive, yet fast search on hundreds of thousands of articles and files

RSS feeds and other subscription options were added to the website

Custom article management with an easy to use interface

The platform is built using PHP and MySQL on a UNIX server running Apache.

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