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RFPdb has opened its archives of old RFPs for free

by on March 13, 2012
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Confluent Forms LLC, owners of the RFP Database, are proud to announce that we have opened our archive of expired RFPs to the public, without credits or even an account being required.

If you are searching for historical RFPs, or examples of RFPs to use in creating your own RFP, you now have free access to approximately 66,000 Requests for Proposals. Some old RFPs that consisted of a link to the originating source might not work (they could have been removed from their site), but there are tens of thousands that will work that include the original RFP file(s).

Our goal in making this database repository public is to aid in the creation of new Requests for Proposals. RFP authors will now have access to dozens of RFPs that are similar to the RFP they're preparing to issue, can learn about best practices by evaluating other RFPs, and if so inclined, can reach out to the issuers to find out how their RFP process progressed and if there were any updates the original author would now make in retrospect.

It is our hope that by providing this data we will aid in the advancement of Requests for Proposals "Best Practices" and more efficient procurement practices.

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