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Bakery Normand, a Blog of Note!

by on October 12, 2011
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Since moving into our location in downtown Northampton we've become huge fans of and friends with the owners of Bakery Normand. This cute and friendly neighborhood bakery has been selling amazing breads, pastries, cookies, etc. for over 30 years... and until this past August, never had a website!

Working with the proprietors' son we undertook the creation of the bakery's website. The goals:
  • Provide store location and hours to customers
  • Tell the story of the bakery
  • List the products, product ingredients and baking days
  • Get peoples' mouths watering
And our own goal: to encourage Bob the Baker to start writing a cook book!

We weren't quite sure what to expect when we turned the site over to the baker; would he use it? Would the site stay with just the first article? Would he start blogging?

Within the first 2 weeks the Bakery posted 4 articles, wrote content for all of the web pages, added a few web pages, and posted photographs for almost every product they make.

Today Bakery Normand was featured as a Blogger "Blog of Note"; we couldn't be more proud.

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