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Gain insights into your visitors using Analytics

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that enables webmasters, through the inclusion of a small bit of code in their website template, to gain a pretty good breakdown of their site's usage and log reporting. Beyond the basics of visits, page views, etc., the system also permits the creation of goals and funnel paths that can be created to track conversion rates for visitors performing specified tasks within the site.

Interesting designs are widely available for your Blog

Being able to fully customize the layout and design of your blog, while still being hosted by a free blog platform, is unique to Google's Blogger service. Sure, other blog services have the ability to select from a number of selected template designs (and Bloggers are by far the most boring), and all of the services include the ability to modify the page elements in your layout, but Blogger goes the farthest by allowing users to modify the actual code of the template through standards compliant CSS*.