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Winning proposal: start from champagne & work backwards

Writing proposal responses to a RFP can be a mind-numbing affair, and after responding to a few lengthy and complex RFPs, it's easy to fall into bad habits. One of those bad habits is approaching the RFP by trying to demonstrate how you can fulfill the requirements of the RFP, the other is writing a proposal that nobody wants to read.

Open, Competitive, Transparent and Strategic

We view government fulfillment as having two priorities: getting the best product for the best price and being as transparent as possible in doing so. All products and services able to be competitively bid should be bid that way, and the ability to submit a bid for a RFP should be open to any business able to fulfill the requirements of the RFP. Too often procurement managers seem to be more concerned with fulfilling the letter of their obligations while neglecting the spirit of their obligations.