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We seek RFPs for Innovation, not Inspiration

One of the biggest conundrums that companies encounter when they are reviewing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that they are interested in bidding on is whether the RFP is for a real project, or whether it's a fishing expedition for ideas to be implemented by an existing vendor or internally. The problem that companies run into is that they want to wow the prospect, they want to show that they have good ideas and can provide unique insight and value to the customer, but they don't want to give those ideas away and they don't want to waste their time by putting effort into coming up with those ideas for a project that doesn't exist or for a client that isn't ready to commit.

Often maligned, RFPs are a valuable tool and opportunity

It seems that every month another expert writes an article on how RFPs are bad for business, RFPs are a bad idea, top 10 lists of why you hate them, RFPs should be done away with because they increase risk and cost, and that RFPs will soon be extinct.

While we have a vested interest in RFPs in that we run the RFP Database, we do find them to be one of the most democratic, meritorious, and pragmatic approaches to procurement and purchasing. They're not a full proof solution, and often times they are run poorly, but that's exactly why we recommend that you be selective in the RFPs you respond to.