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Winning proposal: start from champagne & work backwards

by on November 24, 2009
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Writing proposal responses to a RFP can be a mind-numbing affair, and after responding to a few lengthy and complex RFPs, it's easy to fall into bad habits. One of those bad habits is approaching the RFP by trying to demonstrate how you can fulfill the requirements of the RFP, the other is writing a proposal that nobody wants to read.

Yes, we know, we gave you advice that you need to work towards demonstrating that you fulfill RFP requirements in writing a successful proposal. Rather than trying to win the project by demonstrating your competence in fulfilling the letter of the RFP, why not try winning the project by starting the proposal with the premise of your company creating a final deliverable and strong concept, and working backwards to fulfill this concept?

Knowing that the issuer is probably going to be reading a stack of boring proposals, if you are to win the project it is imperative that you differentiate yourself. Bring the excitement to your proposal by leading off with an unconventional executive summary. Get the issuer excited about your final product and their project. Paint a big picture, an exciting vision, and bring them into the enthusiasm that you have for their project.

Convey the excitement that you'll have on the day you launch their project into that opening of your proposal.

Make them want to read the other 20 pages of your proposal.

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