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Our website is only one page

by on September 2, 2008
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Responses to our website have ranged from "could you not afford more than 1 page?" to "it's so cool you just put one page up there, I wish my web-dev firm would do that."

So what does it all mean?

I respect simplicity. In my high school art class I had a teacher that over and over would drill into our heads "less is more", which when applied to art and design is definitely a good thing to remember. Somehow that got lost on me for a long time as I felt that I needed to convey everything possible when creating our company's primary mode of communication to potential clients. I felt we needed to have content, and words, and buzzwords, and thought-provoking commentary that showcased how right we were for the job, any job, and how we understood their potentially unique situation. We wanted to show that we were just as qualified for a project as the Razorfish/'s of the world. We were brainstorming on the content for about a year, creating the information architecture, writing the content, editing the content, re-editing the content, etc.

We started working on the design of the site and our designer created a great homepage. We loved the homepage. The only problem was it didn't really carry though to an interior page. We were getting lost in our own content.

We put the project on the back burner, yet again, and thought about it for a month or so. After a bit it hit us: we didn't need to mince words and sugarcoat it all. We have successful projects that we can show that speak volumes towards the work we do. We have work ranging from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to Amherst College to Focus Talent & Promotions. We have worked with Fortune 100s, non-profits, universities, startups... projects of all shapes and sizes that illustrated our delivery of quality work.

So why drown that message in pages and pages of content?

We took the most important parts of the content we had written consisting of a short blurb about us, a listing of the services we offer, our contact information, and a listing of our favorite client projects, and said "It Is Done".

Our new website has sparked discussion, been favorably reviewed, and been promoted, all of which translates into added publicity and greater name recognition.

Communicating your mission, services, expertise and experience is the primary purpose of a service company's website. As the web has evolved, saavy web visitors' attention spans have shrunk considerably. Bounce rates of 50% are a symptom of this; the challenge is how to grab their attention before they've already left. In 2000 you might have had 30 to 60 seconds, now you're lucky if you get 5 to 10 seconds.

If you need them to click into your site there had better be a compelling pitch to get that click otherwise they'll have left at your splash page.

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