Jan 7, 2013

Portfolio: The Ottinger Law Firm

The Ottinger law firm has focused on just one thing – helping employees. Their New York lawyers comprise one of the nation's leading employee rights law firms, with offices in New York and San Francisco.
I think your firm did an amazing job in quickly moving our site from WP to Blogger and made the transition painless. Also, you provided clear training on how to manager our site on the Blogger platform. Basically, you have simplified the process of running a website and freed my company from the chains of old fashioned expensive and even harmful practices of legacy SEO providers. Now, instead of wasting money on an SEO company that was actually hurting our website, we can use our resources and energy to create good content for our customers which is what Google wants people to do.
- Robert Ottinger, Owner, The Ottinger Law Firm 

The site was a migration, transforming the firm's existing site in self-hosted Wordpress into a site built on the Blogger platform. We kept the design as it existed, but redeveloped the site to take advantage of HTML 5 and microformats and best practices. The page load is approximately 1/2 the original load, resulting in a much faster loading website, yet keeping all of the necessary form and functionality.

The homepage
An interior page in the site
A blog post within the site