Dec 18, 2010

Thinking about how you spend your money

This is a first for us as we've never posted an article with the sole purpose of disseminating another's work. But this article was so open and honest, expressing a small business owner's challenges (and frustrations) that we felt we needed to give it any and all additional publicity that we possibly could.

What we CAN’T do for you at Essentials this Christmas

Essentials is a small, quirky store down the street from us in Northampton with super-friendly employees and great owners that support the community and numerous causes. Reading the article linked above reminded us about the power that we have with how we choose to spend our money, where we choose to spend it, and the types of businesses that we need to support with our patronage. Sure, we price shop online, and yes, we sometimes go to the mall (usually as a last resort), but whenever you need to spend money, give some thought to how you're spending it. Consider "local first".