Jan 27, 2010

Domain names are inexpensive, no excuses

Coming across a blog that is using a blogspot.com address, like yourblog.blogspot.com, tells us one of two things: that the owner doesn't know that giving the site a custom domain name is easy and inexpensive, or that they don't take their blog seriously. How serious could it be if they won't spend just $10 on a domain in order to customize the first, most important aspect of your site, your URL.

Jan 25, 2010

Blogger over Wordpress (or other hosted solutions)

If you're trying to decide which blog service to use you've probably stumbled across the long-running debate in any number of forums. Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad... how do you choose which one to use? For the purposes of this series we're going to use the following criteria*:
  1. free, hosted service
  2. ability to fully customize the design
  3. custom url at no extra cost (besides domain ownership)
The basis of this criteria is to yield you the most personalized blog solution that will enable you to customize all aspects of the site We want to accomplish this without requiring the need for a 3rd party web hosting solution, extensive technical expertise, or paying privilege or subscription fees.

Jan 14, 2010

9 tips for running a considerate procurement RFP process

We've been on both sides of the procurement process and have seen more than our fair share of RFPs. With this background in mind we've put together our top 9 tips for running a more considerate procurement/RFP process.
Jan 11, 2010

7 ways to get bidders for your Request for Proposal

An important part of the Request for Proposals process is the distribution strategy that you use for disseminating your RFP. Without a good distribution strategy you likely won't receive the proposals you need to make your process competitive and in line with your project goals.