Jan 12, 2009

Can I Twitter us to the top?

I'm skeptical about most technologies, especially those that everyone is talking about. Myspace, Facebook, Search Engine Optimization, Twitter, Linkedin... I've turned my nose up at them more times than I can count. But I have come around to a number of technologies, technological innovations, and technical strategies kicking and screaming for the most part, always in the interest of promoting my company or our creation. So far they've been worthwhile contributions to the effort.

My newest challenge is making Twitter work for us... but before I get to that, I'd like to expound on the other strategies we've employed in our quest to drive traffic to the RFP Database.

Jan 5, 2009

The Power of Yous

A week or so I was reading the discussions under a group I belong to on one of my favorite business portals, LinkedIn, and I came across a post by a man named Al Walsh. His discussion was about his series of blogs "aimed at start-up to mid-market businesses"; I of course asked him for a mention in his blogs about the RFP Database since I feel it's a service that every startup and mid-market business should know about as a destination for getting competitive bids and new project leads. His reply:
Okay David, you're in. if you get an[y] business from this blog referral, I'll expect at least a steak dinner out if it.