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Confluent Forms LLC is a branding, graphic design, web design, Blogger development, custom software development and technical consulting firm based in Easthampton, MA, serving Western Massachusetts and beyond. Incorporated in January of 2002, Confluent Forms has provided services to customers from the Fortune 100 to local non-profit organizations, small businesses and academic institutions.

Services we offer:

Branding & graphic design
Web development
Information Architecture & Usability
Blogger design & development
Custom CMS development
Technology consulting and guidance
RFP process advising
Search engine optimization
Feb 25, 2014

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools for ROI

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools can be overwhelming to many people, especially business owners that don't have the time and background to delve into charts and formulate web strategies based off of the information found within. In our previous post, "Magic 8 Ball for Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools" we documented some loose strategies that you can employ to get a better understanding of your website and how it is being found and used.

But we're now going further, based on popular demand, and offering a consulting product that is designed to help you get set up with both of these tools, quickly find the information that's been identified as relevant to your business and website, and continue on towards success.

The goal: To enable you to reach higher returns and greater conversions from your website visitors, and to yield better search engine placement for the keywords and phrases that garner you the most value.
Jan 21, 2014

Magic 8 Ball for Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools will not tell you how well your website performs. They will, however, provide you with the tools to determine how well your website accomplishes the goals you have set for it.

Most business owners already have Google Analytics and/or Google Webmaster set up for their websites. They know that they need these analytics, and that in some way the information will assist them in bettering their website and in landing more business via their website. But then... they open up Analytics or Webmaster, and when faced with the abundance of information and charts, are lost.
Jan 14, 2014

Web Design & Development in Western Massachusetts

Here at Confluent Forms LLC we work with many companies all across the country, projects ranging from small websites to complex and custom back office management systems to branding and logo design to e-commerce systems. But some of our favorite projects are the ones that we've done for local businesses in our own backyard.

Not that we don't love all of our clients, but there's something special about the local ones, the ones you get to see all of the time around town, while also being able to see how your work has positively affected their businesses. These projects included a wide range of services, functionality, requirements, and budget... for a wide range of businesses.
Dec 18, 2013

Your homepage isn't your only entrance & landing page

When designing a website, the focus is invariably on what is typically the most unique page within the website: the Homepage. The Homepage (or landing pages if you have multiple) is the one that people want to make a splash with, the one that drives the brand messaging, content definition, and experience that the organization wants to achieve for its users.

To take a stab at quantifying how much time and effort went into the design of your homepage compared to the rest of your site, I'm going to guess 70%+ went towards perfecting your homepage, and 30% went towards developing out the rest of your site.

The following might surprise you.
Dec 11, 2013

Targeting search engines or the user experience?

These days, when talking about your website, it is imperative that you factor in search engines and search engine optimization (SEO) into your site. How your site places in search engines is a critical factor in driving traffic to your site, and thusly the success of your site. We understand this, and often work after the launch of a client's site to continue to make changes to the site based on the results that we're seeing (or not seeing) from search engine traffic.

But what is the balance between search engine optimizing (and targeting the search engines) and preserving your user experience for your actual users who are People, not Machines?