Confluent Forms

Confluent Forms LLC, located in Easthampton MA, is a boutique branding, graphic design, web design, web development, Blogger development, and PHP/MySQL application development firm providing services to customers from the Fortune 100 to local non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Serving Western Massachusetts and beyond.

Confluent Forms

designing and developing smart websites, software and strategies to achieve your unique business goals

About Us

Since 2002, Confluent Forms LLC has been in the business of bringing together experience, technologies and people to form a new, greater whole.

Whether you need a new website, eye-catching blog, complex web application, hosting services, award winning design or project facilitation, we have the expertise to partner with you in the creation of a solution.
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Our Work

We build smart websites and online strategies for our clients.

Over the past 12 years we've worked with amazing small businesses, non-profits, academic institutions and even Fortune 100 companies.

You might recognize some of our clients, as we have launched over 250 amazing final projects over the course of our history.
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Featured Projects

The Painted Pin

The task: to project the fun and excitement that happens inside this incredible gaming center, restaurant and bar

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Rebekah Brooks Jewelry

The task: showcasing the beautiful jewelry of Rebekah Brooks

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Boston Rare Maps

The task: a modern website solution to yield an increased rate of inquiries while reducing the effort investment

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ONE.midtown kitchen

The task: capturing the food, drink, and ambiance of a restaurant, making you want to call immediately for a reservation

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Creative Goods

The task: a custom e-commerce platform enabling one company to easily manage upwards of 35 Broadway show merchandise websites

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Artkraft Taxidermy

The task: not just making taxidermy rentals less icky, but making it actually look GOOD

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The Pioneer Valley & Greater New England

While so many of our clients are around the country, we're also blessed to be surrounded by an amazing community, with some of the most dynamic businesses and organizations found anywhere. We proudly serve the communities of Northampton MA, Easthampton MA, Amherst MA, Holyoke MA, Springfield MA, Hartford CT, Boston MA, Worcester MA & many more.

Learn more about some of our local client projects, or read about some of our strategies tailored to small and local businesses.

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